Sociology 265H1F (Fall 2018)

Gender and Society

Professor Bonnie J. Fox

TEST 2 PICK-UP: On Tues., Dec. 18, from 2:30-4:30, in Prof. Fox's office, rm 382 in the Sociology Department,

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Also note that the grading scheme for this course is as follows: 1st essay - 20%, 1st test - 30%, 2nd essay - 25%, 2nd test - 25%

ANNOUNCEMENT: All grades on test 1 were raised 2 points (so add 2 points to the grade on your test, if you picked up the test in class). Also, look here for feedback on the grading of the essays on the test.

QUESTIONS for TEST 2-- all 5 of the questions that will appear on the test

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Items of Interest


Lecture Topics With SLIDES and On-Line Readings

Date Topic On-Line Readings
Sept.11 Introduction Lois Gould, Boy or Girl? X
Sept. 18 On Biology and Gender: the Evidence Emily Martin, The Egg and the Sperm
Sept. 25 The Social Construction of Sexed and Gendered People and their Bodies

Karin Martin, Becoming a Gendered Body

Emily Kane, 'No Way My Boys are Going to Be Like That!'

Evelyn Blackwood, Sexuality & Gender in Certain Native American Tribes

Oct. 2 The Social Construction of Gendered Individuals: Doing Gender

Marianne Cooper, Being the Go-To Guy

Sarah Miller, 'How You Bully a Girl'

Oct. 9 Sexuality and Inequality Laura Hamilton and Elizabeth Armstrong, Gendered Sexuality in Young Adulthood
Oct. 16 TEST 1  
Oct. 23 A Look at Social History Sonya Rose, Gender at Work
Oct. 30 Gender in the Making of Families: A Look at Parenthood and Childcare



Nov. 13 Paid Work Today: Gendered Workplaces

Marianne Cooper, Being the Go-To Guy

Nov. 20 Body Images in Popular Culture  
Nov. 27 Violence in Everyday Life  
Dec. 4 TEST 2  

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